Substantive Editing
Year Round Preschool Math Activities (Teacher Created Resources)
Year Round Preschool Reading (Teacher Created Resources)
Traits of Good Writing (Grades 1-2) (Teacher Created Resources)
Traits of Good Writing (Grades 3-4) (Teacher Created Resources)
Traits of Good Writing (Grades 5-6) (Teacher Created Resources)
Mastering 2nd Grade Skills (Teacher Created Resources)
Mysteries for Critical Thinking and Writing (Teacher Created Resources)

Standards Correlations
Remapping Questions (Publishers Solutions Group)

Teacher's Planner (2005-2006) (Hayes School Publishing)
October 2005 (Library Media Connection)
November/December 2005 (Library Media Connection)
February 2006 (Library Media Connection)
March 2006 (Library Media Connection)
April/May 2006 (Library Media Connection)
UnitedStreaming Quiz Project (Discovery Education)
Mastering the Standards: Mathematics-Grade 5 (Hayes School Publishing)
Mastering the Standards: Mathematics-Grade 6 (Hayes School Publishing)
Mastering the Standards: Mathematics-Pre-Algebra (Hayes School Publishing)
Deadly Diseases and Epidemics: Botulism (Chelsea House Publishing)
Database Project (Schoolhouse Network)
Finite Element Methods (Springer)
Designing Human Interface in Speech Technology (Springer)
Child's Multiple Intelligences (Kagan Publishing)
Learning Cubes (Kagan Publishing)
Mozart CDs (Kagan Publishing)
SmartCards (Kagan Publishing)
Chemistry Structures for Success (Kagan Publishing)
Inspirational Quotations (Kagan Publishing)
Higher-Level Thinking Questions-Mathematics (Kagan Publishing)
Higher-Level Thinking Questions-Secondary Mathematics (Kagan Publishing)
Higher-Level Thinking Questions-Biology (Kagan Publishing)
Life at McPherson School (Kagan Publishing)